Comfort 3QL

m-sora Comfort 3QL Window

COMFORT 3QL window is warm and friendly on the inside, firm and durable on the outside. The interior appearance of your window can be adjusted to match your furniture; the outside appearance of the window can match the fasade.


  • the aluminum mask on the outer side protects the window against the elements
  • optional: installation of insulation glass with built-in window blinds (COMFORT +)
  • optics and sealing are guaranteed without glass strips
  • mask fixation system ensures unobstructed airing and eliminates dimension oscillation when humidity and temperature change
  • mechanically made aluminum joints are permanent (welded joints are also possible)


  • easy maintenance
  • exceptionally long product lifespan
  • numerous color combinations


Profile dimensions installation depth 84 mm
visible width 107 mm
Instalation options rectangular
arched, semicircular
Opening options fixed
combined (d and dk)
folding walls
tilt-slide walls
lift-slide walls
opening outwards
two-sided handle
Thermal insulation of the window (Uw) Ug = 1,1
Ug = 1,0
Ug = 0,7 0,98 W/m²K
Ug = 0,6 0,92 W/m²K
Ug = 0,5 0,83 W/m²K