Nature E112

Natura E112

The NATURE E112 window has been developed out of M SORA’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Instead of synthetic insulation materials – the manufacture of which consumes massive amounts of energy and produces large carbon emissions – these windows are made using only natural resources, wood and air.


  • materials used for the production are environmentally-friendly and recyclable
  • the outer color of the window can be different from the inner color thus expanding the number of color options


  • quality natural materials
  • by purchasing and installing these windows you will help cut carbon emissions
    Profile dimensions installation depth 113 mm
    visible width 117 mm
    Instalation options rectangular
    arched, semicircular
    Opening options fixed
    combined (tilt and turn window)
    folding walls
    tilt-slide walls
    lift-slide walls
    opening outwards
    two-sided handle
    Thermal insulation of the window (Uw) Ug = 1,1  
    Ug = 1,0  
    Ug = 0,7 0,83 W/m²K
    Ug = 0,6 0,75 W/m²K
    Ug = 0,5 0,66 W/m²K